Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

And a Healthy 2010 to All

One of the most often used best of wishes for any New Year is that of good health to all of our friends. As with so many perfunctory remarks, they often carry sincere yet somewhat shallow meaning. Perhaps that's because we don't really make much of an effort to take care of our own health.

Let's take some time in the coming days, months and years to give our bodies and our emotional, mental and spiritual health maintenance the respect and attention only we can give it ourselves.

Our longevity, health and well being has undoubtedly improved immeasurably in no small part as a result of huge strides in the study of medicine. Antibiotics, anaethesia, vaccinations and a host of other incredible discoveries and treatments has afforded mankind a greatly improved survival rate. Remember however that there are many people who have no access to medical care. There are also millions who choose non medical therapeutic options such as homeopathy, chiropractic, naturopathy, acupuncture, herbal remedies and a whole host of others which provide great relief to the suffering and ailing. It is important to respect the choices each of makes in dealing with our health.

Become the quarterback for your own health care team. No one really cares or knows more about you than you yourself. But be sensible, too.

There are numerous sources for information on health available on the internet. Such web sites as and might give you a clearer understanding of your current state of health as well as identifiable steps you can take to improve things. But beware. Your health and its care need to be a combination of learning facts about what ails you and presenting these facts to a reliable practitioner.

Perhaps certain adjustments and changes to daily routines such as increased exercise and a diet that is more appropriate to your needs, or a recently discovered dietary problem i.e. an allergy to certain foods, might make you feel better. There are also benefits to be gained from introducing new or different regimes into your life such as yoga or meditation. These self help acts do may improve your own state of well being, and as a result of them, you may be a more productive and happier member of your community and society at large. Benefits from lifestyle changes such as improved sleep and more energy can be directly attributed to taking better care of yourself.

Go easy on yourself. If you decide to start a new workout regimen, you may want to seek the advice of a trainer so you avoid hurting yourself inadvertently. Unbridled enthusiasm has a way of getting the better of us sometimes.

In the office we are exposed to all kinds of different germs in the winter time because air ventilation is usually reduced. Also, people's children bring home a variety of new germs to which we have not yet been exposed. These can test our immune systems. Consider using a hand sanitizer regularly, especially after touching surfaces such as escalator handles, door knobs and telephone receivers. Carry a handkerchief with you or a some kleenex tissues and be sure to use them whenever you feel a sneeze or cough coming on. This does help reduce the spread of germs. Even then, however, a squirt of hand sanitizer is smart and shows consideration for yourself and those around you.

Some of us find our roles as parents and care givers to be all consuming. These worthy responsibilities can be performed longer and more gracefully if we take care of ourselves first. We all know the instructions that come over the speaker in the airplane which says to put the oxygen mask on yourself first before helping others. This same principle applies to our day to day caretaking responsibilities too. Remind yourself of this everyday. Consider taking a few minutes each morning as you arise or each evening before you go to sleep to quiet your mind; to give thanks for your many blessings; and to organize your priorities.

Above all else, practice the fundamental principles of all etiquette. Use your common sense, be respectful of yourself and others and be compassionate at all times. No one has all the answers. To some questions, the answers we want aren't there. Being as informed about your health as possible, just as with any other part of your life, gives you the advantage of being able to make the most informed decisions possible. I sincerely hope 2010 brings you much happiness and good health.